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The Unleashed Pawcast

The Unleashed Pawcast is all about your pets and how we can help you to be a better pet parent! Host Ben Larson and his wife are the owners of Unleashed. Each week Ben talks about things happening around Unleashed and has a guest on to discuss an important topic relating to pet ownership, from trying to get your dog to behave to figuring out why your cat is missing the litter box to understanding how often you should get your golden retriever groomed. The Unleashed Pawcast is here to serve you as a pet owner!

Enrichment Daycare in Full Swing and Joe Zuccarello With Grooming Tips!

Unleashed is full swing into Enrichment in 2024… in this episode of the Unleashed Pawcast, Ben Larson takes a look at how our Enrichment based daycare is already helping our dogs build confidence and reduce stress. We also talk grooming by showing how we remove a whole lot of your dog’s hair with our popular shed-control treatment, then Joe Zuccarello of Paragon Grooming School joins the show to provide much needed and helpful grooming tips!

How to Help your Dog Have a Great Daycare Experience!

You may not have thought about it a lot, but there are certainly steps that youcan take to help ensure that your dog has a better daycare experience.Chad Fahey of Canine Clarity joins the podcast to talk about steps he has takenwith his humans (and dogs) to help them achieve better success in daycare.Plus, its been a fun week for dogs in the snow, and we have the video to prove it!Host Ben Larson talks about what is happening this week in the snow at Unleashed!

Why Enrichment Based Daycare is Great

There is a lot going on at Unleashed to start 2024! We are rolling out Daycare 2.0,our new enrichment based daycare model! Host Ben Larson talks about how this will look at Unleashed, plus a look back at some of our recent holiday fun, thenAllison Jacobs and Kristen Perrus of Scouts Honor in Bloomington, Indiana join theshow to talk about the success they have had with enrichment based daycare atScouts Honor!

How we prevent disease at Unleashed & Fern Camacho of FernDog Training

Its a very exciting time at Unleashed! On this episode of the Unleashed podcast, Ben Larson talks about the soon to be open new Lobby and enhanced customer experience at Unleashed, then Fern Camacho of Fern Dog Training joins the show to talk about tips for training your dog at home. Ben also takes some time to talk about how Unleashed works to prevent the spread of disease through our cleaning procedures and policies.

Our First Episode! The Story of Unleashed and what is to come!

It’s our first episode!! Join host Ben Larson as he takes you through how Unleashed has grownto the exciting point we are at now and what is in store for the future! He also introducesBlack Friday Specials as Thanksgiving and the holidays approach…