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The Unleashed Team

Whenever you need your pet to be taken care of, Unleashed is here for you. Our team will provide your pet with excellent care during their stay. We have staff on-site 24/7 and your pet will be more than comfortable in their climate controlled, clean & spacious accommodations!

Meet Our Team!


Customer Service Supervisor

Katie is one of the Unleashed “OG’s.” She has been us since before we were Unleashed… for her first several years she worked every morning cleaning the kennel building and taking care of dogs. In 2022 she transitioned to being our Customer Service Supervisor, which means you’ll likely be talking to her whenever you call Unleashed with questions or to make reservations.


Operations Manager

Pets: Razer (Pomsky) Blaidd (Husky)

Amber is originally from Marshall and loves to work at Unleashed because she has always devoted her time to dogs… they make the job so worth-it! She loves being part of a growing business and seeing the successful changes as they take place! Amber used to take in strays and injured animals which surprised her parents at times. She ended up falling in love with Huskies – If she could, she would have a dozen Huskies & Pomskies!! When she’s not at Unleashed she is taking her dogs for walks and hikes. Wintertime is her favorite so she can play in the snow!


Daycare Manager

Pets: Jaybo, (German Shepard) Brittany (Dog) Lily & Pippen (Cats)

Skylar is originally from Rockford, IL. Dogs are her passion and she firmly believes that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life! She has had pets her Whole Life… including just about every pet imaginable! (Fish, Hamsters, Cats, Dogs, Hermit Crab, Lizards & Guinea Pigs)


Boarding Supervisor

Pets: Mat, Tucker & Malibu

Kenzie is originally from Cross Plains. She loves working at Unleashed because she gets to spend time with dogs, and her own dogs love to come too! She has had pets her whole life and one of her favorite things to do is to go hiking with her dogs – her favorite place to hike is Devils Lake, then afterward she takes her dogs to Starbucks for Pup Cups. She also loves to decorate for the holidays. You’ll find her decorations around our lobby at Unleashed and she contributes costumes and decorations to our photoshoots at Unleashed!


Pack Handler

Justin has been with Unleashed since 2021 and he loves to spend his afternoons with the pack or walking dogs around our property. He is a big follower of Batman and claims that he is from Gotham City… He loves bonding with all the dogs and talking to pet parents when they pick up in the afternoon.


Kennel Staff

We carried Teresa over from the previous ownership. She has been with us for more than 15 years! Teresa spent most of her time at Unleashed watching the dogs in our play yards but has recently transitioned to more of inside cleaning and feeding work. She still finds time most mornings to snuggle the dogs the loves!
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Amy is our groomer – she has been with Unleashed & Rose Run Kennels for almost 20 years. Our customers consistently tell us how much they love the work that Amy does. She is very skilled in haircuts and styling for all breeds and is known for her gentle touch with the dogs.